Easter Bunny on table with candles

Easter Decorating

Admittedly, I like to decorate for holidays. Christmas is my favorite – and biggest – as far as decorations are concerned. I tell people it looks like Elves threw up in my house by the time the tree is trimmed, and the last storage box is emptied. There isn’t a surface anywhere in my main living spaces that isn’t decked out in green, red, silver and gold.

Everyone needs a deadline, right? Noah’s birthday is mine for being ‘Christmas Ready’. It’s toward the beginning of December and we always have a big party for him complete with chicken parmesan and ice cream cake. I know that is my drop-dead-date for having all the decorations up. And I love having the house full of kids and adults, serving ‘kid wine’ and grownup cocktails by the fire, and hearing the sound of Christmas music coming from the radio.

By the time Christmas is over however, I’m ready for the relative minimalism a lack of decorations dictates. It’s been pretty plain for a few months and now I am ready for some change. A bunny here, a few Easter eggs there, and my house is set to usher in a new holiday season of entertaining. I can’t wait and I hope this helps you get excited too!

Some Easter decorating tips I abide by to make the house feel festive:

These really work for any holiday!
CANDLES. This is probably my single favorite thing to incorporate into my tablescapes and decorating. If you have nothing else on your table besides some assorted glass jars and clear crystal containers filled with candles it will feel festive. Dim the lights, light the wicks and boom. Party atmosphere, done.
***PS – we all look better by candlelight so use it whenever you can!

Buy after the holiday. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but I’m assuming we’re going to be here next year! I love to go shopping the day or two after the holiday. Stock up on decorations, candles, wrapping paper, bunnies – whatever is clearanced at 70% off will look even better next year when it’s time to decorate again!

Use family heirlooms. My grandma’s wedding china was covered in tiny, pink rose buds. It doesn’t necessarily fit in my every-day décor, but it’s perfect with my Easter decorations! Have a vase or some fancy glasses that have been passed down? Fill with glittery plastic eggs and long branches. It’s a great juxtaposition of pastels and naturals for a hallway or dining room table.

Repurpose. Move things around to make old stuff seem new. I love lime green and bright orange but all my accent pillows and blankets in those colors go away for the winter holidays. Get them out and mix them in with white and silver to make any area festive.

It doesn’t take much to make your home party-ready for any holiday!

Of course, the most important thing to remember is to open the door graciously for your guests. If you have a snack and a drink to offer, no one will care if the floor isn’t vacuumed or there is dust on the counter. They’ll remember that you invited them into your home warmly. And nothing is better than that.


  1. Saw my chipped China and my mom’s sugar bowl, brought back so many memories. , now I am ready to decorate my space. I am so in love with candles and need all the help from dim lighting as you know.. It was a wonderful article…

  2. Love the decorating for Easter ideas. I have so many things my mom made me that I decorate with. Love putting out my Polish eggs too.

    • I love being able to touch a little history every time I bring out Grandma’s things! Hope you have a blessed Easter season!

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