In-Person Cooking Classes!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to become a better cook?

Or to use your kitchen more often to actually prepare meals for some family-centric, at-home together time? How about that commitment you made to yourself to not eat as much fried food that is delivered to you through a sliding glass window? Well, if any of these ideas crossed your mind as the clock struck midnight a few weeks ago, then you’re IN LUCK! How about a cooking class to help with all those goals?!?

I’m so excited to offer a chance to share with you all the knowledge I gained in my time as a restaurant owner and chef! I’m now offering IN-PERSON COOKING CLASSES! What?!? Oh yeah – that’s right! We can cook together and make some kitchen magic! I’m offering small, personalized cooking classes in my own kitchen! 

I’ve been cooking professionally for 30+ years – including seven as the chef of my own, beloved Hawthorn Grill.

So I want to roll up my sleeves, put a knife in your hand, and lead you through all the steps to making a delicious meal from start to finish! During our time together, first and foremost, you’ll have your own little cooking station, with all the tools and ingredients needed to make our meal.

Additionally, you’ll get tips for how to finish dishes, restaurant secrets that chefs use to make a meal more amazing and my brain full of cooking knowledge waiting for you to pluck information from it as needed! Above all THAT, you’ll leave with the printed recipes for the meals we make in class and the know-how to recreate them at home. In addition, you’ll also have an entire meal for FOUR PEOPLE packaged up and ready to take to your own family or friends! We’ll also discuss food, wine pairings, cooking techniques, products for the home kitchen, wherever the wind takes us!

You can see some of my sample tips below (clink on link to watch video!) along with available classes

Knife skill tips⏫

Here is my current class schedule:

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Use (case sensitive) discount code MARCHCLASS to receive 10% off any class in March! Obviously, I want you to get to a stove ASAP and make something freaking delicious! Hopefully this will inspire you to join one of my cooking classes!

Above all of the plans and resolutions, the reality for me is that I’ve missed teaching and cooking for you, so let’s get in the kitchen and start something!

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